So my first weeks in Delhi I was able to pay the maid to do the shopping and cooking… now she is away for several weeks, and the girl covering for her doesn’t cook. Perfect opportunity to try out some cooking myself.

We don’t have a choice as far as having a maid goes – the couple downstairs who own the building insist that whoever rents the apartment employs her as well because they can’t give her full time employment.  And I won’t lie – it is amazing to come home from work to a clean house, your laundry folded on your bed, and a healthy tasty meal waiting for you in the fridge.

Me and my housemate cooked on Sunday night, and I complained that I felt in the dark both metaphorically and literally.  Metaphorically, because even though I was only making dahl (boiled lentils with spices) and rice with veggies, we had a cupboard full of unidentified spices and I have not yet mastered the art of using spices in the true Indian manner (i.e. not just plunking a spoonful of curry paste in the pot).  Literally, because the light in the kitchen had burned out!

Anyway, tonight I felt much more confident, and tried out a simple and tasty recipe found on an Indian cooking blog (  I have found quite a few of these, and will share any good recipes I find. I am determined to master a few great recipes in the next few weeks, since I love this food and it is hearty and healthy.

I also realized tonight just how important the ritual of cooking can be to just embracing and enjoying where you are.  I’m looking forward to hitting a few markets to track down some more spices and ingredients – this was always the part I envisioned when I imagined myself living abroad. Not that I ever thought I would end up in India! Life is certainly full of surprises.

I’ve attached some kitchen and food pics…


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