Changing Educational Paradigms

as i just wrote on facebook…

this was being sent around a while back, and i looked it up since it touches on lots of salient issues for my current work project. interesting, because india is attempting to bring in a massive national standardized test, even as their guidelines for curriculum changes are pushing towards being increasingly “child-centred” and “constructivist”. hope i get to see some of that tension play out…

One comment on “Changing Educational Paradigms

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Hey Robyn! This is so funny because I’ve been sending this link around to friends for almost a year now and absolutely love how salient these issues are. But even more funny than that, I’m working right now as a policy analyst for the Ministry of Advanced Education in Intergovernmental relations and am helping plan a trip to China and India. Anyways, I can’t get over how our lives appear to overlap right now! We really should get in touch, I’m sure we’d have very interesting conversations (as always). Hope you are good!

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